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SeedLegals are transforming startup fundraising. Say goodbye to the old days: Founders spending months rounding up and aligning investors, reams of paperwork, surprise fees and long close times. With SeedLegals, you’re driving. Easily negotiate and close your round, with step-by-step guides and live support from our legal specialists.

SeedLegals were founded by serial entrepreneur Anthony Rose, and serial investor Laurent Laffy who met at a party in Rome. They’d both had enough of paying insane amounts of money to lawyers at every funding round, and decided to change that.

Fast forward 6 months, SeedLegals launched in March 2017. Our platform cuts the time and cost to complete a round by 80%. In less than 12 months, we now help close 2 fundraises every day, making us the largest closer of startup funding rounds in the UK.

SeedLegals are also extremely proud to have been named the UKTN Best Fintech Startup, one of the Top 100 Disruptive Brands of 2017 and Best New Entrant to the UK Angel Investment Market 2018.

— See the SeedLegals website for more information.

Why Choose Seed Legals?

Help for first-timers:

Many are new to funding and it can be a little daunting. But SeedLegals assign you a dedicated funding and legal expert who will help you every step of the way! Whether it’s by phone, Skype or in person!

SEIS/EIS sorted:

With the tax deductions you’re able to make with SEIS and EIS, your investors will be more interested in your company if everything is compliant. SeedLegals ensures that everything is ready for HMRC and that your investors get the certification they need.


Whether you’re looking for agreements for founders, co-founders or employees, SeedLegals can help you create them in minutes and sign them online. Also available are NDAs, IP agreements etc. Check out their website for further information.

What BYOB Members Get:

All Premium and Black Label members get SeedLegals benefits!

3 months FREE on the Base Plan, which gives you everything you need to get investment ready:

  • Founder Agreements
  • Cap Table
  • IP Assignment

This is over £200 in value!

How To Claim:

To get enrolled on the SeedLegals system for free and reap the BYOB benefits, we will provide you a unique code to get you access to the Base Plan and assigned to a personal mentor.

Additional Seed Legals Services

SEIS Advance Assurance

Easily apply for SEIS or EIS advance assurance through the SeedLegals portal.

£250 (One-off flat fee)

SeedFAST Agreement

Raise investment now, ahead of a future funding round. Our SEIS-friendly SeedFAST Agreement lets you provide investors with SEIS and EIS benefits.

£100 (for the first £20K raised)

Share Transfer

Investor, founder or team member looking to sell their shares? You’d think all you need is change the name on the share certificate, but it turns out to be much more.

£200 (Per share transfer)

Instant Investment

Instantly take investment at any time. Your investor gets an email with a link to view the previous funding round docs and a Deed of Adherence to sign.

£100 (minimum per investment)

EMI Option Scheme

If you’re giving share options to employees, an EMI Option Scheme can save the company and the employee tens if not hundreds of thousands of £ in taxes.

£1500 (One off flat fee)

EMI Valuation

Use our EMI Valuation service to get a low valuation with HMRC. Thanks to technology and volume, we do this at a fraction of the cost accountants charge.

£1000 (One-off flat fee)

Seed Legals Guides

How to give out shares and
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