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Why Join?

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, then BYOB is for you! Our standard package costs nothing to join and you get the opportunity to be part of a large network of like-minded individuals with access to experts from a wide range of professions.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your business and make some meaningful connections while keeping down costs, then this is the package for you.



BYOB runs a host of events – workshops, breakfast meetings, panel discussions, networking events and parties. Some of them sell out quite quickly and leaves many people disappointed. As a BYOB member, you find out about our events before anyone else, allowing you to secure your place first.


The BYOB Facebook group allows you to ask fellow members for business help and get your brand in front of hundreds of other small businesses. Whether you’re looking to find a professional service, such as an accountant, a lawyer, a web designer or a new salesperson, the people in the group can help.

It’s also a great place to put your new ideas in front of a test audience and gain valuable feedback before submitting it to the public.
The Facebook group is a support community for fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs.


BYOB has an online business library with tons of resources to help you succeed in business. All of them are written by industry experts and are only available to our members.

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