How To Create A Successful Business Page on LinkedIn

How To Create A Successful Business Page on LinkedIn

How To Create A Successful Business Page on LinkedIn

Every business knows that they need a Facebook page, Instagram account, and to some extent, a Twitter account – but many companies overlook LinkedIn as a viable way to promote their services and engage new clients. Sure, for many businesses, LinkedIn is an excellent way to recruit, and many individuals use the network to maintain a professional image online, but how many companies are actually using their LinkedIn page to grow their business?

LinkedIn is something of an untapped resource for many, but it needn’t be this way. Check out these top tips for creating a successful business page on LinkedIn.

Make sure your business page is complete…

Fill in every possible section on LinkedIn to ensure your profile is as perfect as possible. Your LinkedIn business page should showcase the business as a whole, and visitors to the page should be able to find out everything they need to know from this one profile. You can upload all of your digital assets to LinkedIn, including whitepapers, eBooks and case studies, and you can also link to all of your products and services. Don’t leave any sections blank!

… and optimised!

LinkedIn pages are good for your website’s SEO, so make sure your description (the very first thing a visitor will see, besides the company name) is engaging and packed with keywords (without cramming, of course).

Post regular, helpful updates

Try not to think of your LinkedIn company page as a platform for advertising and sales. LinkedIn is more of a place where you can engage with other industry figures, cement your status as a thought-leader and provide the kind of helpful material that content marketing is built around. Post useful tips and resources of your own, and don’t be afraid to share interesting articles or materials that related businesses (non-competitors) have posted. LinkedIn is a friendly business community – you’ll soon notice that engagement on your page is starting to rise.

Use analytics to your advantage

Like all of the main social networks, LinkedIn comes with a built-in analytics system, which can help you figure out where you need to improve. The insights available on LinkedIn Analytics include everything from engagement rates to the demographics of those who are engaging with your posts. From here, you can discover which of your posts are most effective at generating engagement, and you can even see how your updates measure up to comparable businesses in your sector. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to boost your motivation!

Leverage your network

First of all, make sure that your employees are linked to your company page, and go through each of their profiles with a fine toothcomb to ensure they’re on-brand and on-message. Then, when you’re sure that your employees are putting out a coherent and consistent message, ask them to share your content with their own connections, boosting your reach enormously. If you have twenty employees, with two hundred connections each, that’s a potential of four thousand eyes on each and every one of your posts – and that’s before you factor in shares and visitors from other links. Use your network wisely, and you’ll reap the rewards.





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