22 Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

22 Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

22 Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

So, apparently, 90% of all startups fail! That’s quite a disgusting number when you think of it. Why they fail could be for a number of reasons, but one thing for sure is that so many are doing the same things wrong and the odds are, you will fall into the same trap.

Seeing these stats, many will get put off completely and won’t even bother trying. This is why we put together this list of resources for entrepreneurs that we think will help aid success and avoid failure!

Blogs/ Advice

Books are less of a go-to resource these days as everyone seems to want an answer razor-fast. There are tons of experts creating blogs in their respective fields, offering advice and guidance, much like we’re trying to do here 🙂 We’ve compiled a list of our favourite blogs and other places to get free advice:

Under30 CEO– Entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger these days, and this blog is not only a great resource, but an inspiration to the young entrepreneur. You’ll find a wide range of helpful blogs, podcasts, and guides here.

Seth’s Blog– Popular American author, dot-com executive, and leading marketer, Seth Godin is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs. His blog strips back all the frills and just gets to the point with simple text-based blog.

Quora– This simple question and answer site is often a go-to place for many people looking for advice these days. Many industry leaders and professionals use Quora, so you can find expert advice rather quickly. You can also position yourself as a thought-leader and offer your thoughts too.

Gary Vaynerchuk– The ever-popular Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog is a great resource for any aspiring digital marketer. However, due to his insane success, any entrepreneur is bound to learn a thing or two from this blog.

Quick Sprout– Written by the digital marketing legend that is Neil Patel, Quick Sprout became a new brand to provide people with digital marketing advice. Now, it has thousands of subscribers and has even developed a university from the blog.

Reddit– Reddit might not be your first guess as a valuable resource when it comes to advice for entrepreneurs, but there are many useful subreddits, such as r/startups and r/entrepreneur. You will find like-minded people here trying to solve problems together.

AllBusiness.com– Offering a variety of free resources for small businesses, Allbusiness.com is a great place to get advice and guidance on all things business. Aimed at the new entrepreneur, this is perfect if you’re just starting out.

SEMRush Blog–  The SEMRush blog is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs who are looking to learn more about SEO and content marketing. Find out how to boost your site’s traffic and jump the rankings in Google.

Planning/ Financing

Planning and finance-related activities are probably two of the trickiest things about being an entrepreneur. Unless you have tons of experience, you’re going to make mistakes. In fact, if you are highly experienced… you’re going to make mistakes!

But hopefully, these business resources will help you become a bit more prepared for what’s to come.

Wise Bread– Budgeting is tough, especially for start-up businesses. However, Wise Bread offers in-depth financial and planning advice for both your business and your personal life.

Young Upstarts– Again, perfect for the new entrepreneur, this website contains hundreds of resources, with a special section on innovation and ideas. It also has inspiring interviews

Startups.co.uk– This was always the go-to website when we were first starting out and they’re still pretty huge. They focus more on the actual business side of things and how to become successful and all the logistical parts of running a business.

Entrepreneur.com– It’s no doubt that this website is helpful for entrepreneurs! This website is definitely more corporate than several other startup websites and has a dedicated financial section. It also now has podcasts if you prefer to listen on the go.

CopyBlogger.com– We all know the importance of effective marketing when it comes to starting your own business. CopyBlogger not only has a very resourceful blog, but it has a training area where you can get some great writing advice!

Books/ Magazines

Take a break from your computer and learn the old-fashioned way with these amazing books and magazines. We’ve read all of these and have some of these magazines on our office shelf!

FORTUNE Magazine– OK this is now an online magazine too, but there’s nothing like the glossy “hard” copy of this. This magazine keeps up to date with everything in the business world out there, plus the most popular current affairs.

Unshakeable– Tony Robbins needs no introduction and this book is already a bestseller. This book is invaluable for any entrepreneur – it compiles advice and information from industry leaders and focuses on how you can balance your finances in both a personal and professional capacity.

Online Business Startup– Full title: Online Business Startup: the entrepreneur’s guide to launching a fast, lean and profitable online venture. Robin Waite, a well-respected business coach and keynote provides a guide for any entrepreneur wanting to master the digital world. Precise and to the point, this is a book every entrepreneur should have on their bookshelf.

$100 Startup– Written by Charles Lebeau, this book is an inspiring read that tackles the belief that you need a lot of money to set-up your business. An enlightening read for any entrepreneur but especially those who want to chase their dream on a tight budget.


A successful entrepreneur is a well-informed entrepreneur, but keeping up to date isn’t always easy. With these resources, you can be sure you’ll always stay in the know about the things that matter to your business.

TED.com– While TED isn’t just for entrepreneurs, it is great for keeping up to date on various topics at the same time as being educated. Where else can you get such direct access to the world’s leading experts?

Forbes.com– With a reputation like no other, Forbes is a fantastic place for entrepreneurs to keep up to date with pretty much everything. Oh, and be sure to check out the physical infamous Forbes Magazine!

Business Insider– Formed in part by Henry Blodget (a former Wall Street analyst) Business Insider is a huge business news site, with a natural lean towards the financial topics. With several sub-divisions such as “Insider” and “Markets Insider”, you’re spoilt for choice.

RichTopia– Bursting with advice and financial news, RichTopia is a great news website for both new and veteran entrepreneurs. It’s quite an inspiring resource for those who naturally have pounds signs in their eyes!

CEO.com– For those who are more ambitious, this website may be for you. CEO.com provides tons of resources for those entrepreneurs who aspire to be leaders. It also keeps you up to date with the latest in the business world.


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